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Cloud-Based Access Control System | Mobile Access

Cloud-Based Access Control | Mobile Access



How to change fire group and alarm options

How to configure door mode

How to perform synchronization

How to enable BLE credential to use digital key

How to add and edit shift

How to release and unlock door

How to enable portal access for user



How to configure barrier mode

How to enable antipassback mode

How to set daily intervals, weekly schedules and access group

How to add holiday

How to change user fields

How to login to Nuveq user portal



How to configure lift mode

How to generate event transactions and time attendance report

How to transfer BLE Credentials to new device

How to change access expiry date

How to change password

How to disable antipassback for specific user

How to Add  departments  & positions.png
How to Add lift groups.png
How to Add new site.png
How to Add new users.png
How to Add new user with card ID and mobile credentials.png
How to Add user roles.png
How to Change fire group and alarm options.png
How to Configure  barrier gate mode.png
How to Configure lift access mode.png
How to Configure  door mode.png
How to Enable anti-passback mode.png
How to Generate reports.png
How to Perform synchronization.png
How to Set daily intervals, weekly schedules and access groups.png
How to Transfer  Mobile Credentials to new device.png
How to Enable BLE credential to use digital key.png
How to Add holidays.png
How to Change access expiry date.png
How to Add and edit shift.png
How to Change user fields.png
How to Change password.png
How to release and unlock door.png
How to Login  NUVEQ user portal.png
How to Disable anti-passback  for specific user.png
How to Enable  portal access.png
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